Beijing Airport

AirMedia advertising targets a highly valued, captive audience at the Beijing International Airport. By deploying the DT Research Signage Appliances, AirMedia is able to quickly update content for advertisers, and also produce reports to show proof-of-play and timing. With the first deployment timed for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, there are currently over 2,200 units in more than twenty airports across China.


With DT Research Signage System, ATI can quickly and efficiently publish the announcements to truck drivers and harbor workers, and the ATI IT members can also easily create, manage, publish various content via Internet or Intranet from any location and at any time, which saves the time and human force from the onsite maintenance.

Reno Tahoe Airport

The Reno Tahoe Airport in Nevada offers travelers a local information kiosk. By using the WebDT 47” integrated displays with touch, visitors can find details on hotels, transportation, and local activities.

Portland Airport

Arriving travelers at Portland International Airport are provided hotel and transportation options. By using the WebDT 47” integrated displays, and 15” all-in-one integrated displays with touch, visitors can use a self service kiosk to access information and make reservations. Special offers and promotions can be quickly updated with the provided WebDT remote content management software.

Taipei Bus Terminal

The recently opened Taipei Main Station not only offers the largest transportation terminal in Taiwan , but also boasts a 6-star hotel, residential condominiums, offices, a shopping mall, and a 9-screen cinema. The WebDT Signage System powers displays throughout the station with real-time transportation information. The DT Research 47” display with IR touch provides interactive way finding for visitors to explore the station and surrounding area. The WebDT Content Manager software enables real-time information updates across multiple zones and lay out styles for this premier property: the waiting hall displays bus travel information and news; the displays at the platforms offer infotainment advertising, and bus status; the ticketing area displays provide ticketing information and service staff details; station managers are shown bus capacity updates and arrival and departure status.